What kind of a camera do you use? Currently I take all of my photos with my iPhone. I shoot in RAW and edit my photos in Lightroom. I also do not claim to be a photographer, so please bare with me in that department.

Do you offer nutritional information for your recipes? At this time, no. However if the demand is great enough I will consider it in the near future. Until then, there are so many free online calorie calculators you can plug everything in. I personally use this one.

Can I Guest Post on your blog? I am open to suggestions, please use the contact information on my Contact page.

I’m a vendor and I’d like you to promote my products, foods, or other items. Can you review them, host a giveaway, or blog about them? If I feel your product suits the environment of this blog and is truly something I would use, then yes! Please fill in the contact information on the Contact Page.

I’d like to advertise on your site or become a sponsor. What should I do? Please email me at info@beautybites.ca and let’s chat!